Indian Indians are really different

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In S’pore, the ethnic Indian community (Tamils in the main) punch above their weight despite only constituting 7% of the population:

— One is DPM and he and the Minister for Pets are two out of the four closest ministers to PM;

— the AG and CJ are Indians; and

— Tharman, a DPM, is a popular choice to be PM.


If S’pore is a meritocracy all the top jobs would be held by Indians: juz look at the judiciary and legal service.

Indian supremacists

But let’s not forget that they are S’porean Indians, not Indian Indians.

Here’s some quirky facts about the real Indians ie those born in India,

Tamils are in the minority, not the uber Indians.

Deepavali is usually known as Diwali because Hindi is the uber language, not Hindi Tamil.

A litre of cow urine is more valuable to an Indian farmer than a litre of milk

Find out more (Open)

“quite normal behaviour” for Indian men to obsessively target women

Last year, a 32-year-old Indian security guard in Australia accused of stalking two women was let off by a court after he argued that Bollywood films had led him to believe that it was “quite normal behaviour” for Indian men to obsessively target women.

He was being perversely honest. In Bollywood movies, the hero will often pursue the heroine with a vengeance. He will stare at her, wolf-whistle and stalk her relentlessly. Spurned lovers will chase and harass women. A critic once wrote that the Bollywood stalker had evolved from a “nominal villain to an outright hero”.

The airforce’s warplanes are often grounded: the highest availability rate is among the Russian-built SU-30MKIs, of around 55%. (Economist)

  1. most of the “ft” men from india who are working here (pr or ep holders) are non-tamils.

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