Has this exam tool come here yet? 

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Because it’s the exams season (O-levels juz over, A -levels begin week after next), when I read

Three members of a group which allegedly helped a student cheat in the GCE O-Level examination on Monday (Oct 24) were charged in the State Courts on Friday.

I remembered an exam tool device I had read about some time ago

These digital watches include an “emergency button” to quickly switch from hidden text to a clock face.

The watches hold data or written information which can be read in exams.

Watches are advertised on Amazon with the claim that they are “specifically designed for cheating on exams”.

One model promises 4GB of electronic storage for text files or images, to be read on the screen of the watch.

If the “emergency button” is pressed, the other buttons on the watch are disabled, as the watch switches to a conventional digital clock face.

This “watch for easier studying” is also marketed as being compatible with a mini wireless earpiece.

Another advert promises a watch that is “perfect for covertly viewing exam notes directly on your wrist”.

Another is offering a new model for this year with 8GB capacity, which could hold video files.

Smart watches or digital watches with concealed content would be covered by rules banning electronic devices from exam halls, such as mobile phones or any other computer technology.

But Joe Sidders, deputy head at Monkton Combe Senior School in Bath, has contacted the BBC to warn that the rise of small wearable devices risks becoming a “nightmare to administer”.

When I’m sure true blue S’poreans will not use these kind of devices (honourable, KS or juz stupid u decide), can’t say the same about PRCs and Indian Indians sitting for exams here. In China and India heating in exams is an accepted and tolerated practice, a fact well documented fact.

And the PAP administration allows their graduates in by the cattle-truck load? And 70% of the voters vote PAP?

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