What our Harry and Stalin have in common

In Uncategorized on 30/10/2016 at 10:46 am

You’d think there is no similarity between the man who ordered the deaths of millions but made the USSR great by leading the effort to defeat Hitler and the guy who only ordered the detention of a few S’poreans without trial and was the US’s boy in the region.

But they led modest lifestyles. We know all about Harry’s frugal lifestyle.

But Stalin too had led frugal lifestyle (boozing apart)

Stalin’s dacha in Sochi (where he spent four months in every year)

is decidedly modest. Its only luxuries are a small cinema where the dictator watched Charlie Chaplin’s films, a tiny swimming pool, a billiard table and two large balconies.

says the Economist in contrast it says to the lavish palaces of Mr Putin.



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