Some people never grateful/ Left out the “gragoes”

In Political governance on 09/11/2016 at 4:57 am

TOC shared this FB KPKBing.

Khan Osman Sulaiman
6 hrs ·
My community raised the issue of discrimination of Malays in RSAF.

My community raised the issue of allowing school children to wear the tudung.

My community raised the issue of allowing Hijabs in uniformed groups.

My community raised the issue of having a ‘halal kitchen’ in the navy ships.

My community raised the issue of having an independent MUIS.

My community raised the issue to legislate some form of discrimination laws.

Having a Malay president isnt the most pressing issue but yeah, it will be ‘given’ as though it’s what we need the most.

We can now celebrate the magnanimous gesture by the Gov.

Seriously, the post explains why the PAP administration had to give the Malays something even if it was only a peanut. Otherwise, they’d think the community was being marginalised.

And here’s another good FB post

Felix Cheong
I hope, at some point in our alternate universe of democracy, there will be a reserved presidential election for:

– Malay woman
– Chinese single-parent gay man
– Caucasian hot male

He left out the Eurasians. And Schooling won an Olympic gold medal for S’pore.

But then Eurasians don’t riot to misquote BG Yeo who said that of Christians. Anyway too few of them to form a rioting mob. Most left for Perth a long time ago

  1. this bloke can always relocate and live in johor and be a “bumiputra”.

  2. If Singapore wasn’t surrounded by M’sia or Indo, PAP wouldn’t give a fuck about Malays, just like it doesn’t give a fuck about Eurasians. PAP has already from the beginning officially 3-leg the Malays e.g. “special position” as enshrined in constitution, national language, free education from pri to JC, and unofficially given larger proportion of Malays easier/less risky postings to SCDF, SPF or even specific vocations in SAF. And because Islam has become intertwined with Malays, hence that religion has also been given special privileges not accorded to other religions e.g. continued allowance to bury their dead at affordable cost even to the poorest Malays, “perpetuity” of mosque sites — once given govt cannot take back for redevelopment unless replaced with another nearby land parcel.
    BTW plenty of Malay-owned companies/organisations practice discrimination too, employing only or mainly malays. Birds of the same feather tend to flock together.

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