“Liberal” ideas on “objectivity” and “diversity”

In Uncategorized on 10/11/2016 at 2:10 pm

Here are two extracts from a BBC article by a self-confessed conservative who I suspect didn’t vote for either candidate. I reproduce these excerpts because our ang moh tua kees have similar attitudes (Think the FB posts of people like Kirsten Han, Ariffin Sha, Braema Mathi) to those desctibed below.

During the decade-long debate over same-sex marriage, I often argued with other journalists about our openly slanted coverage of the issue, which amounted to cheerleading for the pro-gay side. Don’t we have a professional obligation to tell the other side of the story? I would ask. Well, came the reply, do you think the media had an obligation to be fair to the Ku Klux Klan during the Civil Rights struggle?


The people who run newsrooms agonise over diversity. They will go to any length to increase racial, gender, and sexual diversity, but care nothing about viewpoint diversity. In one newsroom where I worked the only religious conservatives besides me were the African-American secretaries. Nobody there thought this was a problem. To the contrary, they believed that religious conservatives, among other undesirable demographic categories, were the problem.


  1. Trump Presidency is giving me mixed feelings. For one, I don’t like Trump and did not want him to win. But then his election also opens up many opportunities to see a lot of people put in their place.

    For one, the Tua Kee Liberals like Kirsten. They need to realise that the west whom they are so fond of aping produced first Brexit, and then Trump. Maybe their freedom of this and that isn’t so trumped up as it is, forgive the pun.

    Second, the simpletons who believe Trump is going to change the world and make people like TRE born losers into winners. Plenty of such types around all very happy that Trump is going to cancel the TPP just so they can point a finger in LHL’s face. Problem is, they don’t realise that many of them are losers beyond hope unless communism returns. Yes, TPP maybe cancelled, but after Trump reverts to type as a businessman and their expected shake up does not happen, LOL.

    Third, the pro-China uncle types like Redbean. Well, this is a grey area. Trump might screw up so badly that China is elevated to superpower status. If so, good for them, not good for the above two groups. But if Trump is business as usual or worse, even does a better job, I’d love to see the look on these faces when Asia pivots back to the US.

    The above is all possible because Trump is so vague in his policies, it is likely he will flip a lot of prata in the coming months and years.

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