PAP never sleeps, Fintech shows why

In Economy on 11/11/2016 at 1:52 pm

Recently I reported that the authorities seem to understand what fintech is about and I quoted the FT in support of my point.

Here’s another quote from the same FT article which shows why the PAP is so formidable an opponent on the political arena:

In Singapore, Mr Galligan’s colleague, Christopher Wood, refers to “the threat of disruption from government-prompted efforts to promote a new digital economy — be it in fintech, ecommerce, data technologies, transport, cleantech or the so-called sharing economy in general”. Still, Singapore appears to realise that a government that defines its mission as protecting the interests of the establishment will merely accelerate the decline of that establishment. So far, its stance is paying off. “Supportive government policies and the strongest ecosystem in Asia have already spawned the early stages of a new economy,” Mr Galligan says.

Anti-PAPpists are wasting their time?


  1. If they continue to call things like the way they did the US elections, yeah.

    I think the one thing anti-PAPpists continually underestimate the PAP about is their acumen when it comes to certain wide reaching trends. This comes from just focusing on the notion that PAP is out of touch locally.

    Global events over the past year have made me realise that SG50 and LKY’s death are only partial reasons why GE was called last year. I think the biggest weakness of our anti-PAPpists (the noisy ones anyway) and our opposition is they are hugely out of touch with what the PAP is or should be doing on the international stage, either with regards to US, China, etc. We have independent netizens who are following, but there’s not enough coming in from them.

  2. Now, all anti-PAPpists are claiming (at least some of them) is that we are screwed because Trump will not ratify the TPP. Again, they are underestimating the PAP I believe. This might be a one sided blind faith I have, but even as they have been out of touch locally at times, one thing the PAP have is an ability to latch on to global trends and have necessary contingencies in place.

  3. PAP will simply do a bilateral FTA with USA, and Trump will be very happy to make the deal.

    PAP has transformed S’pore into a corporation, where both the continued good life of the elites as well as the livelihoods of the masses depend on the continued viability & liquidity of S’pore Inc. Vast majority of Sinkies will go along with PAPies just like how hundreds of thousands of Sinkies suck it up in jobs they hate. PAP knows this and are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. if one has has follow international news and read widely enough, they will realise that PAP or the civil servants has a very strategic mindset.

    However, I think they are poor in execution and as the saying goes big pictures but miss out all the details. so the anti pappist still have a chance. Focus on the small details,, which lots of ppl are more concerned abt anyway. Maybe they will do a Trump. Lol

  5. huat ah in ’20 !

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