Triumphant: What the media “liberal” “experts” are keeping quiet about

In Media on 11/11/2016 at 5:43 am

(And media includes new media)

Trump did a bit better with blacks and Hispanics than Mitt Romney in 2012.

Women didn’t desert though there was a swing to Hilary. Predatory Trump better than a Liar and a Crook.

And while

Mr Trump ran as a champion of the country’s working class, but his support lay predominantly with those earning more than the country’s $56,000 median income. Mrs Clinton won 52:41 among voters earning less than $50,000 a year, according to exit polls. Mr Trump won narrowly among all income groups above that.


The first two points show that the Democrats had a really lousy candidate.

The last point shows that Ariffin Sha is talking cock when he wrote

It’s funny how the people who would be most affected by Trump’s plans are the very people who voted for him. People, especially those who need the most help, do tend to vote against their own interests pretty often.

With deluded, uninformed young ang moh tua kees like him, the PAP is lucky in its enemies. With enemies like Ariffin, who needs friends?

  1. Many people got it totally wrong. I follow some regular commentators and I thought since they follow more politics they probably know better. Totally wrong. Many even predict Hillary landslide. I felt that Hillary was the favourite but there is no way one could rule out Trump. Some did though.

    IMHO, it is because they overestimate the whole liberal mindset. Here it is very easy, everything just blame it on media bias, Straits Times is PAP mouthpiece etc. These Tua Kees have too much faith in the Ang Moh liberal mindset, they thought that since there have free press, free this, free that, so there is no way Americans will tolerate someone like Trump. They also underestimated the power of conservatism. They think that just because America allow things like gay marriage and we do not, we are so backward compared to them. But one needs to realize that anti-gay thoughts, even racial prejudice is very very deep rooted in many parts of America.

    And more importantly, they underestimated bread and butter issues. Some people voted Trump simply because he promised them their jobs back, simple as that. Can do or not is another matter, but Americans are like anyone else in the world, they look after rice bowl first, more than any hifalutin ideals.

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