PV46: Questions

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How many trains were in use on the Circle Line when each breakdown occured? And was there any attempt to identify if there was any particular train or trains in use in all the incidents or most of them? Obviously we now know PV46 was in use in most of the 100 incidents. But how many others?

This extract seems to imply that there was no use of simple operational research techniques to narrow down the number of trains that could be faulty.

Meanwhile, engineers and data scientists from DSTA and GovTech studied data collected from train logs and incident reports, and found that almost all of the faults occurred in the proximity of one particular train, PV46

Other questions.

Where was PV46 manufactured?

In France? Or China?

Where were the electronics manufactured? China?

Where were the electronics fitted into train? S’pore? France?

Finally when did the LTA ask for help?

Part of the joint-press release by Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT.

On Sunday, 6 November 2016, we tested if PV46 was the source of the problem by running the train during revenue hours. We found that PV46 indeed caused a loss of communications between nearby trains and the trackside signalling system, resulting in the activation of emergency brakes on these trains. Before PV46 was put into service on that day, no loss of communications was observed on any CCL train.

PV46 has been deployed for service since July 2015. Before being put into service, the train was tested extensively both at the manufacturing location as well as under local conditions. It is unclear at this point why the train’s signalling hardware has been experiencing intermittent failure. So far, no other train has been found to have the same hardware issue, but we continue to monitor closely.

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  1. Well, Sinkies voted for the govt they deserve. So no need to KPKB so much. In fact they should be praising PAP for creating all these breakdowns in order to increase Sinkies’ adversity quotient, even to the point of losing their jobs or having salary cuts due to being constantly late.

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