Why stop whining and whinging about Trump

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He could be the best thing since sliced bread.

Let me explain

The FT magazine has a column called “Undercover Economist” written by a really smart man Tim Harford, a paid-up member of the Western liberal elite, even if he has an, open lively mind.

On 9th November he wrote

when a group of very smart people with similar perspectives find themselves stuck, someone who brings a new intellectual tool or a fresh perspective is far more valuable than one more smart guy in the same mould.

Err well the Western liberal elite and the ruling class have a problem: how to handle resentful mobs ungrateful with the benefits of globalisation and capitalism because they unlike the elites didn’t have their snouts in the trough. They are in the cold, noses pressed against the windows looking in at the feast that the heroes of Donald Low and Ariffin Sha and indulging in.

Enter one smart, succesful hustler who has been thru tough times and reinvented himself. Btw, he went to a really elite university.

So stop the whining and whinging liberals.

The only problem with the Donald is that he could start WWIII accidentally. Otherwise he could be what the doctor ordered.

  1. US markets will reach a multi-generational peak under Trump and/or in spite of his antics. However the next great financial/economic crash will also happen under his watch. PAP smart asses like LHL, Lim Hng Kiang, Tharman, Shanmu et al can only hang on & boast when world economic winds are blowing their way & blame the world economy when the wind changes direction.

  2. Trumpists would tell you that only Hillary would start WW3. Well your concern is not unfounded. Despite telling the world he wants to withdraw from a global policeman role, he plans heavy military upgrades and spending.

    My guess is he will ask countries to pay more for having US aircraft carriers stationed in places like to SCS and Taiwan Straits. These funds he will then use to fund his so called infrastructure building, or make up for his pro business tax cuts.

    Beyond that, I really know too little to tell if Trump can be what the doctor ordered. The way I see it, if he has that good a plan, he need not bring in all the white nationalist undertones into his campaigns. You wouldn’t have Steve Bannon complaining about “too many Asian undertones in Silicon Valley.” That has got nothing to do with income inequality and wealth distribution. I suspect Trump’s team will not be too big on wealth distribution that way American voters wanted from someone like Bernie, and that will be a problem.

    I also see Trump as not being able to counter global forces like technology advancement and the rise of China/India. Those are bigger than any kind of campaign rhetoric. Trumpists and many othersnow fall back on the reasoning that don’t worry, what he campaigns will not be what he actually does. But to the small town guy for whom he promised to bring back the coal mining jobs, it is imperative he delivers on what he promised. They won’t fall for that kind of reasoning and justification if he fails.

  3. “when a group of very smart people with similar perspectives find themselves stuck, someone who brings a new intellectual tool or a fresh perspective is far more valuable than one more smart guy in the same mould.”

    Et tu PAP.

    As you say Trump is a wild card. He shoots his mouth but he isn’t stupid. As of now both China and Russia are celebrating, along with white extremist parties and organizations. Not a great prognosis. The only thing is that the threat of the harm that he can do will galvanize once implacable foes to get their act together.

    • If by threat of harm you mean war, still believe it unlikely. At least, I would say that he is as likely to cause a war as any previous American President, but not more likely to.

      But as for those who think he will withdraw from SCS, Taiwan, Middle East etc, I believe its fat hope.

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