Insulting Trump’s “stupid” supporters is a lose-lose proposition

In Uncategorized on 26/11/2016 at 10:47 am

The extreme ultraliberal left can’t stop insulting the poor whites who voted for Trump. The latest tactic is to sneer at them for making card-carrying liberals richer. Here’s an example Cox: Liberal elite owe gratitude to Trump voters

And our very own liberal tua kee Donald Low keeps doubling down on using the word “stupid” to insult voters who vote against their economic interest.

Well they should stop for the sake of their own reputations.

Now, I’m sure people like Donald Low and Cox are proud to be called “arrogant”.

But would they like to be called “stupid” with evidence supporting the claim?

Stretching the arguments laid out by Cox to their logical conclusion, the extreme ultraliberal liberals are really stupid. They not only didn’t see Trump winning but they should have voted for Trump, not oppose him, given that he’s making them a lot richer relative to the white trash.

They’d argue that there are more important things than material well-being, and that they not are stupid for preferring racial and gender equality, poverty reduction or the right not to get killed by gun-toting white trash.

Well why then are they not willing to concede that the white trash too have good, valid reasons (trying to preserve their towns and societies, fear of terrorism or anger at being sneered and lied to) to vote against their own economic interest?

Seems that for many liberals what is sauce for goose is not sauce for the gander: Do what we tell you to do, not what we do.

One Harry Lee dismissed liberals out of hand as a bunch of wankers, talking cock and singing song. Seems he has a point.

Sad as in the S’pore context, the level of authoritarism  is so extreme that a good strong dose of liberal values would do the body politick, and economy no harm.

  1. I think the assumption here is that Trump/Brexit voters knowingly vote against their own economic interests?

    Which isn’t the case right. A lot of such voters believe it is in their economic interests to vote in such a way, along with other things. I mean, the jobless coal miner does believe that Trump IS going to bring his job back, no?

    In any case, liberals here are not all elite, they are simply Ang Moh Tua Kee and like to project themselves as being of greater ideals and therefore morally superior to the common man. They can’t influence any vote, rather they end up influencing the vote to go against their way. Case in point would be the 2 HK elected MPs who tried to make a fool out of the legislative system to the point that ex governer Chris Patten has come out to state that this not only doesn’t help democracy but is counter productive to it. Those 2, and their kind are achieving the same kind of results for Beijing that the likes of Kirsten, Roy, Amos, etc have “achieved” for the PAP here.

  2. Ya I gotta thank Trump for driving up my stocks in Dividend Aristocrats & Dividend Achievers. More golden times ahead man. US stocks will see another parabolic rise over next 2 years similar to 1999.

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