Trump doesn’t bear grudges

In Uncategorized on 01/12/2016 at 1:51 pm

Donald Trump could soon be in a position of having sued his own treasury secretary. Mr Mnuchin’s Dune Capital was among a group of lenders, including Deutsche Bank, who provided loans for the construction of a Trump skyscraper in Chicago. Mr Trump sued the lenders during the credit crunch to extend the terms of the loan. The suit was later settled. Mr Trump and Mr Mnuchin have also previously worked together on a hotel in Hawaii.

  1. Mitt Romney, then this guy. This is really also why the whole bit on Trump being “out of the box” is overrated. Americans at the end would simply have traded one group of elites for another.

    This is not a slight against Trump. Precisely because he is a non establishment figure, he has no choice but to rope in elites to help him do his job, which is too big for one man or one family to handle. And his fellow republicans are no less self serving than the democrats they defeated.

    The voting for Brexit and Trump, however earth shaking, are just not significant enough events to overturn certain capitalist and global structures.

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