Don’t tell Trump but US is sua kee, China tua kee

In China on 04/12/2016 at 5:32 am

One country [China] consumes 40 to 50%  of the world’s commodities. As we saw in coal this year, when China changes policy, it can turn a market upside down,

says Ivan Glasenberg, the CEO of mining and trading house, Glencore.

I remember the time when the world’s commodity markets danced to the tune of the US economy. So should The Donald.

And how can the US be the number one economy in the world?

In 1980, China had 10 percent of America’s GDP as measured by purchasing power parity; 7 percent of its GDP at current U.S.-dollar exchange rates; and 6 percent of its exports. The foreign currency held by China, meanwhile, was just one-sixth the size of America’s reserves. The answers for the second column: By 2014, those figures were 101 percent of GDP; 60 percent at U.S.-dollar exchange rates; and 106 percent of exports. China’s reserves today are 28 times larger than America’s.

After all

China is number 1

  • Manufacturer:
  • Exporter:
  • Trading nation:
  • Saver:
  • Holder of U.S. debt:
  • Foreign-direct-investment destination:
  • Energy consumer:
  • Oil importer:
  • Carbon emitter:
  • Steel producer:
  • Auto market:
  • Smartphone market:
  • E-commerce market:
  • Luxury-goods market:
  • Internet user:
  • Fastest supercomputer:
  • Holder of foreign reserves:
  • Source of initial public offerings:
  • Primary engine of global growth:
  • Economy:


A study by the Rhodium Group last month found that Chinese investment into the US exceeded US investment into China for the first time in 2015.


The US is the number one  economy because it’s the biggest importer using China’s and other countries money to buy their exports.

“The US is the number one economy in the world, and its political power and military power are based on its economy.

German industrialist quoted by FT

But Trump is happy because he can nuke China to the stone age before China can launch a single nuclear missle against the US. Now taz tua kee.

  1. being export driven and own lots of someone’s else debt is not tua kee.

  2. but the jap men are still lumber 1 in producing xxxx-rated adult videos. lol.

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