The man behind racial quotas in HDB estates

In Property on 15/12/2016 at 4:08 pm

The man who inspired the idea of racial quotas in HDB estates has just died. He developed the theory of the “tipping point” to explain white flight from US inner cities and his suggestions to counter this flight inspired the PAPpies who were his students in the Kennedy School of Public Policy (think PM, George Yeo etc) to come up with the idea of racial balance in HDB estates, making the Chinese owners of HDB flats more equal than owners of other races

NYT Dealbook

Thomas C. Schelling, Master Theorist of Nuclear Strategy, Dies at 95

The Nobel laureate used game theory to shed light on U.S. and Soviet actions and developed the theory of the “tipping point” to explain white flight.

  1. No, Schelling was not the man who inspired the idea of racial quotas in HDB estates. If you only Googled on the subject you will discover that it was officially introduced in Parliament by the then Minister for Housing and Development, Mr. S.Danabhalan, on 16 February, 1889, well before George Yeo joined the Cabinet. The man who was really behind this idea had died for sure. He was LKY. LKY had faced stiff resistance in the Malay populatd areas of Geylang Serai and its surrounds in the 1960s and early 1970s from UMNO and its Singapore successors. The residents were dispersed into the new Marine Parade HDB estate and it was then decided to control their political clout by the racial quota system. Read some of LKY’s speeches on the subject on Malay voting in those areas and how he will deal with them.

  2. Only if it helps to prevent false theories being disseminated.

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