Obama: Classy, ineffective, irrelevant

In Uncategorized on 27/12/2016 at 2:22 pm

“The man has a lot of class,” says Deaton. “He may not have been a very effective president. But that’s beside the point now I guess.”

Angus Deaton, winner of Nobel Prize in Economics in a FT interview published during the hols. And he’s a fan of Obama. Don’t need to imagine what the Trumpeters are saying.

  1. Hmm..Econonmy was clicking, unemployment down, banking system saved, auto industry saved along with many jobs. universal healthcare – check. all with strong resistance from opposition contolled houses. Ineffective ?

    • Pls remember that HE was the guy who won in 2008 on “Yes We Can” and “The audacity of Hope”. So rightly a lot more was expected, with reason. He’s another talk cock, sing song guy.

  2. He may be a TCSS guy (he WAS a lawyer afterall in his younger days). But if it had been George Bush or any of the WP MPs in the seat, it would have been much worse with things being left to run on auto-pilot and fighting fires whenever something explodes.

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