Am Chinese voted for Trump

In Uncategorized on 28/12/2016 at 10:42 am

Mr Trump’s supporters also included a large number of recent Chinese immigrants to the US, who applauded the president-elect’s incendiary comments linking Islam with terrorism and his vows to expel illegal Mexican immigrants.


Conclusion: Us ethnic Chinese are non-PCs.

  1. what about the ethnic chinese in hk who do not have western passports ?

    • Minorities in China, Taiwan and S’pore know that their place in these countries: they are there by sufferance of the majority. )))

      • Except for Malays in S’pore — they know their place is secured by the malay muslims & militaries in M’sia & Indonesia. Hence their special privileges in the Constitution and benefits in education & mosque sites & muslim cemeteries. Malays & muslims in most other non-malay non-muslim country don’t have so much privileges as in S’pore. E.g. China, USA, UK, Oz… Non-PC but geopolitically true.

      • And they still not happy.

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