Activists must-read for New Year

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There are two ways to get people with strong views to consider alternative arguments (that doesn’t involve shouting or violence). Make sure to watch the video.

Find out more (Vox)

1) If the argument you find convincing doesn’t resonate with someone else, find out what does

Try moral reframing i.e. try to put the argument within the moral or ideological framework of the person you want to pesruade.

2) Listen. Your ideological opponents want to feel like they’ve been heard.

[T]he canvassers ask the voters to recall a time when they were discriminated against. And then toward the end of the conversation, the canvassers nudge the voters into thinking about how that experience can relate to the plight of transgender people. The idea is that people learn lessons more durably when they come to the conclusions on their own.

Not easy techniques. Requires hard work.

It’s easier for the likes of Mad Dog Chee, New Citizen Han Hui Hui, Tan Jee Say, Roy Ngerng, s/o JBJ, M Ravi, Goh Meng Seng and other anti-PAP cybernuts  to bang their brainless heads against the wall or blame the 70% for being stupid.

But the likes of Chris K, Terry Xu, Martyn See, Richard Wan, and Drs Paul and Ang should try these methods.

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