Huh? PAP admits it’s practicising dishonest politics?

In Humour, Media on 07/01/2017 at 3:12 pm

Wah lan!

I tot the above when I read

To tackle social and political issues, return to ‘honest politics’: DPM Tharman


A reasonable reading of what the headline implies is that Tharman is saying that the PAP has to return to “honest politics” to “tackle social and political issues”, which in turn implies that the PAP is practising dishonest politics?

Bet u there will another “edit” like in the case of “You are not going to get angels in power all the time”.

MediaCorp, why liddat? Why so sotong?

  1. Lol. One thing stupid about the MSM. They think they are helping ministers and MPs by their self censorship. They seriously should just report what is being said. If the minister said something wrong, then its one negative. But if they self censor, it becomes two negatives. Not only the minister said something wrong, but the MSM is seen to try to cover up.

    The MSM didn’t censor off TPL’s Kate Spade comments, or J Teo’s “small space needed for sex” comments what? So why need to micromanage Shanmugam or Tharman? Those two are more than capable, sharp witted and eloquent enough to articulate their way around any verbal slips.

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