Protest S’pore style?

In Uncategorized on 11/01/2017 at 5:44 am

Here the only place one can protest without a permit is at Hong Lim Green (Still must register). Otherwise a police permit is needed which evidence shows is only granted to PAPpy running dogs like NTUC.

So maybe we can learn from the Sudanese

Instead of taking to the streets or marching towards a ministry or the presidential palace to express their concerns, as they have done in the past, Sudanese protesters are doing something much simpler – staying at home.

Some students have not gone to their school or university; workers have not turned up at the office; even some government employees have not shown up for work. This tactic of “civil disobedience” has been tried before – in November the protesters held a three day “stay-at-home” strike.

Activists tweeted photos of empty streets and offices, particularly on the first couple of days. By day three, most people were back at work.

So maybe the next time Gilbert Goh wants S’poreans to protest about immigration or Roy Ngerng (Remember him?) wants to relaunch his “Return My CPF” campaign (to regain his celebrity status), or any anti-PAP activist has a beef with the PAP administration, they should ask S’poreans to stop going to the shopping malls on a designated Sunday.

If the malls are empty on the designated Sunday, the PAP will know the issue has traction.

And as the LGBTs will not have foreign funding for Pink Dot 2017 unless the foreign sponsors are approved by the govt, maybe the organisers should tell the potential attendees to stay home for the day: 28,000 S’poreans staying away from malls on a Sunday will be noticed.

But I can imagine Tan Kin Lian calling S’poreans to stay away from malls on a Sunday to support some crackpot cause of his, only to find out that S’poreans decided to give him the finger by crowding the malls. Remember, not only did he lose his deposit in PE 2011, he helped the PAP’s preferred candidate win by a short nose.

With an enemy like him, the PAP doesn’t need friends. Maybe the Gods want the PAP to rule S’pore for forever and a day? Juz see how lucky the PAP is in its enemies: JBJ, Tan Jee Say, Goh Meng Seng, s/o JBJ, Mad Dog Chee, Yaw (or is it Rao?) etc etc.


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