Ang moh helps Amos, S’pore Dissident wants money

In Uncategorized on 15/01/2017 at 2:20 pm

Here I reported that a anti-PAP nut based in the US refused to help Amos unless he was paid to do so. A real S’porean. Harry would be proud of him even though he’s a anti-PAP and a nut. (Btw, the two terms are not synonymous. Think Chris K, and Drs Wee Paul and Ang. Though often they are. Think Philip Ang,Tan Jee Say, Roy Ngerng and the TRELand cybernuts.)

But a good-hearted ang moh, a Maryland-based lawyer Sandra Grossman

is representing Yee free of charge, she said the case is ‘worthwhile’ because of the issues involved. “This is a case that will force us to look at our own national interest in free speech,” she said.

Amos has to pay her travelling expenses (He’s detained in the mid-West, Maryland’s on the East Coast) estimated at US$10,000, and el cheapo is asking for donations.

Whatever happened to the millions he claimed to have made from dissing LKY, the Catholic Church and Islam? Lied about his millions isit? How we know he not lying about his poverty?

Oh and Amos will be asking for even more money. Asylum appications can takeyears to process and usually applicants are freed from detention so that yhey can’t scrounge off the state while their application is processed.

Btw, shows how dumb he is, applying to the US for asylum. In Europe, he’d likely be provided with free board and lodging while his application is processed.

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