Makes you think of Amos?

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And of The Indians (Or is it Idiots?) — S’pore?

And the cybernuts? Be they PAPpyists (Kishore, Jason Chua and Eunice Chia-Lim) and anti-PAPyists (TRELands ranters like Oxygen, and Philip Ang, Tan Jee Say, Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui).

Another* key ingredient in the post-truth culture, says Prof Grayling, has been the rise of social media.

It’s not the soundbite any more, but the “i-bite”, he says, where strong opinion can shout down evidence.

“The whole post-truth phenomenon is about, ‘My opinion is worth more than the facts.’ It’s about how I feel about things.

“It’s terribly narcissistic. It’s been empowered by the fact that you can publish your opinion. You used to need a pot of paint and a balaclava to publish your opinion, if you couldn’t get a publisher.

“But all you need now is an iPhone. Everyone can publish their opinion – and if you disagree with me, it’s an attack on me and not my ideas.

“The fact that you can muscle your way on to the front row and be noticed becomes a kind of celebrity.”

Do read the essay, even if it’s a bit long.


*”The world changed after 2008,” says Prof Grayling – politics since the financial crash has been shaped by a “toxic” growth in income inequality.

As well as the gap between rich and poor, he says a deep sense of grievance has grown among middle-income families, who have faced a long stagnation in earnings.

With a groundswell of economic resentment, he says, it is not difficult to “inflame” emotions over issues such as immigration and to cast doubt on mainstream politicians.


  1. all the local opposition members/supporters must be very happy their “golden boy” has done the one thing that the the former does not dare to do.

  2. Solution as I see it.

    1) MSM and alternative sites need to shut down the Facebook comments threads. It is of little value anyway. Why the need to give those good for nothing types a place to post every day? And with the hundreds and thousands of one liner comments that get posted, there is no useful debate going on as the size of the thread gets too big.

    2) With cybernuts starved of a free and easy to talk cock comments thread, they will be forced to articulate their views by actually contributing to blogs and alternative sites. Those too stupid to do so, too bad. We can weed out the useless ranters.

    3) Alternative media sites to start charging a nominal fee monthly (as low as $1) to maintain and moderate their own forum pages. This will push cybernuts who want to see the alternative media grow to actually contribute, rather than taking the easy way out and go to MSM sites to publish their useless drivel day after day. Alternative sites are then able to gain more revenue from it.

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