Reunion dinner sucks?

In Uncategorized on 27/01/2017 at 5:17 am

When I read this in FT: “Number of travellers venturing outside mainland set to exceed last year’s record of 5.7m” about the number of Chinese going abroad for holidays, I couldn’t help but remember something a PAP Minister said in the 90s I think. It could have been in the late 80s.

The minister was Wong Kan Seng (I think) and he was castigating those S’porean Chinese for opting out of rehunion dinners, preferring to fly off for hols in Oz, New Zealand or elsewhere where there was life during CNY.

Well the real Chinese are doing it too. Maybe they learnt it from us? Juz like they learnt from us how to Make China Great Again? At least thaz what the PAPpies tell us.

Update at 6.15am

Chu Xi is supposedly an important day for the Chinese. It is very unfortunate that most Chinese not born in a family that does not understand or follow Chinese culture and tradition have forgotten the significance of this day. Worse still, some even abandon and divorce themselves from their heritage.
There are three important things to do on Chu Xi:
  • give thanks to the ancestors (祭袓)

  • get together for a family reunion dinner (团年饭 / 年夜饭)

  • guard the age (守岁)

How to do this if on holiday?


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