PM2.5 pollution level: Manila better than us

In Environment on 16/02/2017 at 4:34 am
S’pore does very well in global standards but Manila does even better. Having lived in Manila, and knowing that that traffic conditions there have not improved since I lived there, I’m surprised.
Neither Manila nor us meet the World Health Organisation PM2.5 recommended level of 10µg/m³. But very few cities except in Oz and NZ.
Table extracted from the Guardian
Selected global cities: Asia
PM2.5 annual mean, micrograms per cubic metre
Delhi India 122
Dhaka Bangladesh 90
Karachi Pakistan 88
Beijing China 85
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 75
Islamabad Pakistan 66
Mumbai 63
Kolkata 61
Shanghai China 52
Kathmandu Nepal 49
Guangzhou China 48
Colombo Sri Lanka 36
Hong Kong China 29
Bangkok Thailand 24
Seoul South Korea 24
Singapore Singapore 18
Manila Philippines 17
Tokyo Japan 15

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