Imagining the future of S’pore

In Property on 28/02/2017 at 7:47 am

Making S’pore Unique again.

For someone who keeps tabs on waz happening here, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only recently seen these very good videos made by Tay Kheng Soon and his students.

Some really interesting ideas including on how we can retain the greenery while taking in millions more FTs.

The politics and planning of new Singapore as an intelligent city.

The second video has interesting ideas on how HDB flats can be split into smaller units so that the old can sell off excess space. Ties in with what I’ve been thinking of how my terrace house can be split into three separate apartments each with kitchen, hall, toilet and two bed rooms.

Also good ideas of monetising without en-block sales and building retirement homes above HDB open car parks and on top of buildings.

We need to hear more alternative views from S’poreans like Tay and his students and hear less from the likes of Uncle Leong and TJS with their fake analyses, that I’m sure they themselves don’t believe in.

We also need to be more aware that these views.

  1. Yah, reminds me of the time I was staying in UK. The 2-bedroom apartment I stayed in was actually part of a detached house (i.e. bungalow for sinkies). The owner had converted it into a 2-storey walk-up with 6 apartments in total, each with bathroom, kitchen etc. The owner stayed in a 1st floor corner unit while renting out the other 5. Not sure about the building code/development charges he had to pay though…. But very common in UK.

  2. The retirement cottages look cool, but won’t be adopted by PAPies coz they’re incredibly inefficient & wasteful. Will also need to reinforce the structural integrity of the car park roof etc to take the extra weight. And $50K for each cottage?!? Dream on. PAP is already charging $68K for a 40-year-lease 1-bedroom HDB retirement flat in Punggol.

    Mostly it has been HDB void decks that have been converted to elderly daycare centres or dialysis centres etc. Makes sense as construction cost is minimal. And evacuation will be much easier than trying to bring down 20-30 bedbound or wheelchair-bound oldies down 5 storeys of a multi-storey carpark. Don’t forget in event of fire, lifts usually auto-stop operating.

    There are also a handful of blocks whereby the ground floor & 2nd floor have been converted into a semi-assisted living apartments / quarters for elderly destitute who have capacity to more or less look after themselves. A VWO office is located on the ground floor and sometimes also manned at night. But these are located in the poor / elderly HDB estates becoz of NIMBY.

  3. Something different:

    Fintech taking over lawyers & bankers … and doing a better job too. Also reducing headcount of IT programmers.

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