Oz is the place if u got money

In Uncategorized on 01/03/2017 at 2:30 pm

Egalitarianism is dead in Oz.

From NYT Dealbook

Shoppers in Beijing. China is the country most millionaires move away from.

For Millionaire Immigrants, a Global Welcome Mat

There is one category of migrants that countries embrace: the very rich. And more of them are moving than ever. Their top destination? Australia.

  1. The country that espouses egalitarianism the most — France — has been in deep shit for many decades liao. I remember people complaining back in the 1980s about it losing it’s culture & people with the Africanisation & Arabisation. I’m surprised that up till now the French president is not a black muslim. Many countries & people are looking at its effects & are moving away from égalité and fraternité.

    But most people have no problem fraternizing with the rich for the money they bring & spread around thru their expenditures, as well as assumptions like enterprising, self-driven, independent, innovative, hardworking, etc.

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