What the cybenuts don’t tell us about thre F-35/ What about F-22?

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This piece ( Answer: Like killing baby seals) reminded me that a few months ago the cybernuts were KPKBing about S’pore’s “decision” to buy the F-35.

The cybernuts bitched about this plane that S’pore is supposedly interested in buying. They KPKB about the price of close to US$100m a plane, cost over-runs and teething problems. Their day was made recently when president-elect Donald Trump tweeted “The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th,” causing shares of its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, to fall.

What they don’t tell us is that the Israelis think it’s a game-changer:

That Trumpian indignation was not shared by Israeli dignitaries at Nevatim. For many days Israeli media and the government alike have been stoking excitement at the imminent arrival of the F-35, known in Israel as the Adir, or “mighty one”. Newspapers have suggested that its range and stealthy design make it a potent weapon should Israel feel the need to strike Iran, for instance in a pre-emptive strike against a nuclear weapons programme. The Jerusalem Post put the arrival of the fighters on its front page, and quoted the commander of the squadron, identified only as Lieutenant Colonel Yotam, saying that the planes were bought “in order to attack places that we are not always able to attack.” The Post added that Israeli Air Force (IAF) pilots had volunteered in interviews in recent weeks that those places include Iran, and noted that the low radar signature of the plane should allow it to evade sophisticated Russian made surface-to-air missile batteries in such countries as Syria and Iran. Some in Israel note that it might rather suit America to learn how the plane copes with Russian missile systems deployed in Syria.

As I’ve always said, the PAP is really lucky in people who hate it.

Seriously, what really puzzles me is why don’t we buy the F-22 given that it’s miles ahead of anything the neignbours have or will have: don’t see US selling F-35s to our neighbours. And they’ll be cheaper as the F-35s replace the F-22s in the US armoury.

  1. 2 clarifications that you may wish to be aware of:
    1) The F35 program is still in low initial production at this stage. As production scales up, cost per unit is expected to decrease ( We do not have an urgent need for the F35 as no neighboring Air Force has a qualitative edge over the RSAF at this stage. Therefore, from a budget point of view, it make sense to delay any decision to buy F35s
    2) The US has never allowed the F22 to be exported, due to concerns about keeping its technology secret. ( The US ban on exports, coupled with the fact that the US only bought 187 of the F22s, meant that the F22 production line could not be maintained and was closed in 2011. (

    • Thanks for link. F-35 is all rounder. F-22 is air superiority fighter. Anyway by Us standards technology on latter is oudated, but should be Ok for us.

  2. RSAF’s philosophy has always been for its fighters to be able to do ground strikes, hence F5E (pathetic payload but still…), F16 & F15 strike eagle variant. F22 is pure air fighter — not a pound for air-to-ground. Probably a holdover from Goh Keng Swee’s day of being cost effective.

  3. It is wrong to say that the F-22 is outdated. The US still intends the F-22 and F-35 to be used in tandem – similar to how the F-15 and F-16 are in their inventory today and in the last 30 years. The F-22 is meant to be their premier air-to-air fighter for the next few decades (until the day UCAVs become mainstream). They are certainly not intending to phase out the F-22 and sell them on the cheap – as mentioned earlier the F-22 is not for sale because its technology is considered state-of-the-art!

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