Proof that LKY was right to despise media freedom

In Media on 14/03/2017 at 2:38 pm

Sometime back the UK PM made a major speech on Brexit. How the UK papers covered it shows the views of the papers in Brexit:

A brief glance at this week’s headlines gives ample evidence of what psychologists call confirmation bias – the tendency to interpret events in a way that accords with pre-existing prejudices.

Wednesday’s front pages alone provide ample evidence of the way the same events are interpreted in wildly different ways by different newspapers – always and without fail in accordance with their prejudices.

And how readers are manipulated:

The Telegraph and the Guardian use similar pictures but by using a much tighter crop, a blue background and a positive headline, the Telegraph seem to endorse the prime minister; whereas the Guardian seem to issue scepticism about her chances of success. Interestingly, the Financial Times, which like the Guardian backed Remain, also uses exactly the same picture, albeit with a different crop. Their headline, being longer than most of the others, equivocates.


  1. Probably becoz pro-establishment (i.e. pro-British) ST used to give LKY a hard time in the late-40s to mid-50s when he was an opposition politician. Hence one of the first things he did when given power to manage local govt in 1959 was to castrate the press. Revenge is sweet! But unlike other 3rd world dictators who followed up castration with disembowelment, hanging or decapitation, old fart was smart enough to co-opt those pressmen who were running dogs to turn SPH into a pro-PAPies cash cow providing plenty of $$$$ to fellow PAPies (until the advent of social media, smart phones, apps & free alt news).

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