What has this to do with the price of eggs?

In Economy on 17/03/2017 at 7:13 am

NUS tops Asia university ranking for second year running



Jobless graduates hightset since 2004



Irony of irony: “NUS rated tops in world rankings” scream the headlines. But NUS graduates are glorified in the MSM as carving a career driving Uber and Crab car! Well done. Meanwhile employers, including GLCs, are merrily recruiting Pinoys, PRC and Indians from dodgy 3rd rate Universities. Why? Because it’s so EASY!

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And FT PMETs keep coming in (Only rate of growth is slowing: from cattle truck loads to A380 load) . And plenty of unemployed, underemployed S’poreans looking for jobs.

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Repented that u helped PAP get 70% of the popular vote?


  1. No worries man!!! Economy getting better & will be cheonging into next year. Golden Age still intact. Not enough time for most sinkies to repent.

    Remember that PAPies work by large macro numbers. Sure there are a few thousands PMEs here & a few thousands degree holders there suffering and falling thru the cracks. They make good sob stories for newspapers & blogs. But they are merely dots in the bigger scheme of things. Not even collateral damage — they are non-damage at all. When you’re running a corporation, do you weep for those you fired or retrenched? You’d go back to analyzing how much your existing employees helping to increase profits, and whether can cut even more staff.

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