Property: TRE nuts will be getting more frus

In Property on 19/04/2017 at 10:18 am

Recently chief cybernut Oxygen was pontificating again on the property crash that will happen. And he and his pals were hloating that honest-hard working S;poreans were going to get burnt badly. (These losers hate S’poreans who better themselves.)


The number of new private homes sold by developers continued to surge in March, increasing 81.8 per cent from 979 units in February to 1,780 last month, according to figures by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on Monday (Apr 17).

The 1,780 units sold in March also more than doubled the 843 sold in the same month last year.

Go bang yr balls.

And bang them harder after reading this from Morgan Stanley: property prices to double by 2030

  1. Micro term over 3-4 mths, pty prices will waver due to stocks correction.

    Short term over 1 year, pty prices will have mini-boom in tandem with stocks boom.

    Mid-term over 3 years, pty prices will stagnate further with good chance of mini-crash.

    Long term over 5-10 years, pty prices will continue to do well.

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