We got so many robots meh?

In Economy on 20/04/2017 at 7:17 am

Second after Souh Korea per 10,000 manufacturing workers.  Btw, the International Federation of Robotics defines industrial robots as machines that are automatically controlled and re-programmable; single-purpose equipment does not count.

What this seems to indicate is that the manufacturing of pharma and electronic products, the leading exports, here is highly automated.

So where do the FTs fit in other than in the manual labour sector (which S’poreans shun)?

Why u think why so many PMETs are unhappy?

Why wages don’t grow in line with property prices:

Real wage growth in many rich economies has been disappointing for much of the past two decades. Low wages are enabling some reallocation of workers. An overwhelming share of the growth in employment in rich economies over the past few decades has been in services, nearly half in low-paying fields like retailing and hospitality. Employment in such areas has been able to grow, in part, because of an abundance of cheap labour.

  1. Manual labour + stuff like F&B, Retail – the type of low paying jobs in the Economist article. On the other hand, local PMETs get displaced in IT and middle management – that’s why they kpkb to no end, which in essence means that for them FTs of the first kind are okay becos locals wanna be served. don’t wanna face high costs but not the second kind. In a sense, they want some kind of communist style central planning to have the first kind and keep out the second kind – that’s tough to do for a market economy, even a “planned” market economy. Obviously also mean there is a great deal of knuckleheadness in thinking only Singaporeans got aspirations but not foreigners.

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