SDP, Terry, TRE: Learn from the French

In Media on 25/04/2017 at 5:53 pm

True the u/m guys are fascists but still they got an effective way of combating the French MSM’s narrative: they helped Le Pen get 21% of the votes. (Emphasis mine).

France’s cyber-patriots are a diverse lot. Some call themselves the “réinfosphère”, signalling their determination to counter what they see as media bias. Rather than preach, such sites put up links to news stories culled from mainstream sources – typically about violence in immigrant suburbs – and let the facts speak for themselves.

Their underlying assumption is that news organisations may be blind to reality but they are occasionally forced to face it. The message of housing estates descending into chaos or Islamism is relayed to those who know where to look, and then shared by those who care.

The pioneer of this approach is Fdesouche – short for “Français de souche”, French people of old stock. Although the site’s author does not voice an opinion, the comments section gives free rein to a stream of xenophobia.

Fdesouche and like-minded sites are run on a shoestring, but they wield real influence. An outcry last summer over the burkini on French beaches was amplified by the réinfosphère and several mayors decided to ban the Islamic swimwear.


  1. This is nothing special back in 2002 before these people existed Le-pens father managed to get 17% of a vote, a 4% rise in the vote for extremist following a very unpopular left-wing government preceded by a very unpopular right-wing government was to be expected and is easily manageable

  2. I have a subscription to the economist and read it unlike you, A bunch of people posting bullshit on social media is not a good way to win an election and weird quasi-conspiracy about the mainstream media don’t give you any credibility.

    The FN got a 2% increase in voted following one of the most unpopular presidency in history, this is absolutely minuscule and useless. These people might have caused a 1% or 2% change in the vote but they weren’t they key to getting lepen into the second round. The socialist party collapsing and the Republicans being plagued by a scandal is what caused her to get into the second round.

    Also stop typing like this is a text message

    • But can u understand what u read? After all it had four pages that showed yr comment (I would use word “argument” to describeit)was dumb.

  3. Also read my blog before accusing me of being some-sort of PAP shill

  4. Before I learn how to spell cock, how about you take yours under the magnifying glass

  5. How much is the PAP paying you atans1, because you did more to turn me away from the opposition then the Straits times ever did

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