What weed is ex-PAP MP smoking?

In Footie on 25/04/2017 at 4:43 am

Ex-FAS president Zainudin: I have no business dealings with Bill Ng

screamed the headline.

But he then says he advises a company connected with Billy the Kid. He has no “biz dealings”? What am I missing? Or should the police be asking him what weed is he smoking?

In other documents seen by TODAY, Mr Zainudin was also listed as a director on the website of private equity firm ESW Manage, which is a sponsor of Hougang United. ESW also described Zainudin as “the current president of the Football Association of Singapore”.

ESW was also previously listed as a company under the portfolio of Financial Frontiers, a private equity firm founded by Mr Ng.

ESW has since removed Zainudin from its list of directors on its website. It is also no longer listed as part of Financial Frontiers’ portfolio on the latter’s website.

In his reply to TODAY, Zainudin, a deputy principal (development) at the Institute of Technical Education College East, said: “I was appointed as advisor to ESW Manage in January 2017.

“My role is to advise ESW on their CSR work. This appointment was after my stepping down as President of FAS (in November 2016).



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