Our Pisa topping kids like this?

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Prof Noriko Arai spent years training a robot to pass prestigious University of Tokyo’s entrance exams in 2015 and 2016, her Todai robot outperformed 80% of high-school pupils and was in the top 1% for maths.

“You might think I was delighted, but I was alarmed,” she said.

“This robot, which could not read or understand, was able to outperform thousands of high-school children.”

This led Prof Arai to investigate the reading and writing skills of high-school students, in conjunction with Japan’s ministry of education.

“Most of the students pack in knowledge without understanding, and that is just memorising,” she said.

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  1. East Asian education very good at producing robots for employers — work hard, no crutch mentality, don’t complain so much. Certain industries & certain levels of national economic levels require more robots. Unfortunately, SG has long passed the level of economic progress that requires many such robots.

    In terms of real world results, many of our A+ grade population fail the KPIs. E.g. Ability to achieve financial independence & retirement after 30-40 yrs working life, median salary of average worker being 20%-25% the price of an average housing unit, number of international or regional highly-profitable companies established here.

    The actual real world results achieved in SG are typical of robots, i.e. work until drop dead, no retirement, relentless exhortation & legislation by govt to increase official retirement age and CPF draw-out age, dependency on foreign MNCs, working for foreigners in a foreign MNC being seen as achievement, etc.

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