Bill the “donation” king/ A friend in need is not a friend indeed?

In Footie on 09/05/2017 at 3:57 pm

So why are cybernuts not commenting on the links between Bill Ng and Zainudin Nordin even though there’s paper trials galore about their connections? Because they that stupid isit? Or they think ex-PAP MP is really a good guy?

Before the FAS elections, the cybernuts of TRELand and other cyberspots where nuts and vermin infest, were cheering on Bill Ng’s Game Changers. The cheering has got even louder after the trashing Bill and gang got from the “We know nothing, nothing” side.

On the other hand they were and are still are dissing ex-PAP MP Zainudin, even though the evidence is that the two are close (and that’s even before the fact that both were arrested and out on police bail in connection with the same case.)

First there’s a donation of $200,000 that Bill arranged for LionsXII after a request from FAS (don’t know who in FAS made the request).

We also know that there is documentation “proving” that Bill donated $500,00o to AFF at the request of Zainudin. He disputes that but even Zainudin is not backing hi on this, see below.

Paper trails

TRE documented by way republishing my posts how close they were

— Tiong Bahru FC: Gambling not haram meh?: Zainudin is chairman of the mgt committee of TBFC and was originally slated to be TB’s chairman.

— What weed is ex-PAP MP smoking?: He’s adviser to one of Bill’s investments, and was once listed as a director (mistake lah it seems).


And oh there’s a report that he got Bill to donate $100,000 to the PAP or it’s charity (Article not very clear on which but the word “PAP” appears prominently in the article). Google for it.

Then there is the allegation of grass-roots footie leaders (now retired) that Zainuddin was behind Game Changers. Ande we know Bill was spending money like water during the campaign (makan at Fullrton Hotel etc)

So it really does look like Bill was the ex-PAP MP’s personal ATM, or is it jackpot machine that kept on paying and paying?

So the ex-PAP MP’s silence on Bill’s claim that the ex-PAP MP had nothing to do with the $500,000 donation to AFF (despite documentary evidence to the contrary) is surprising, and reflects badly on the ex-PAP MP. Don’t help buddy isit? Despite buddy’s ATM or one-armed bandit paying and paying?

After all Billy did for him, the ex-PAP MP kept silent when a word from him could have helped Bill regain some credibility. Instead Bill had to spew this BS:

But this ingratitude is not as surprising as the claim of cybernuts that Bill’s the good guy, but Zainudin’s the bad guy. The two have worked together as the above links show.

So either both are good guys or both bad guys. But then cybernuts are cybernuts.

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