Why doesn’t Donald Low offer to lick ass?

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‘My first apology was insincere’: Donald Low to Shanmugam

Donald Low

16 hours ago

I have spent several days reflecting on my conduct, in putting up a commentary that was neither accurate nor honest.

I made a FB post on 24 April which misstated Minister Shanmugam’s views. I attributed to him views the very opposite of what he held, and then criticized him in a sneering tone.

When the Minister pointed out (through his FB), that I got my facts wrong, I sent him an apology that was a non-apology. The apology was insincere, and self-exculpatory – I tried to claim I was commenting on the headline and not his remarks, when my comments clearly showed otherwise. [When I sent the apology, to make my apology appear true, I also deleted some comments I had made in my FB, which showed that I was in fact commenting on his remarks].

Having thought further, I have written, as below, to the Minister, to convey my unreserved apology:

‘Dear Minister,

On deeper reflection, I realize my first apology was insincere. I am therefore writing now to apologize unreservedly. I had misrepresented your views in the Today article, and had presented them in a careless, thoughtless and flippant way. To make things worse, my apology was self-exculpatory. I accept that my criticism of your views was untruthful, unfair and unsubstantiated. I have let the LKY School down. But above all I’m sorry for my original post; it was impulsive and reckless.’

Many do not know this, but when I was out of a job in 2012, it was Minister Shanmugam who spoke with me and offered his help. He then put in a good word for me with LKYSPP, and gave me a recommendation. I decided that I should come clean about someone who had in fact helped me, and I should set out the facts in public.

 One wonders if there’s more to this than meets the eye? Whatever, don’t open yr ass before reading carefully.
  1. Like I always said, FB is a dangerous place to comment on PAPies & cannot be trusted. FB has a tendency to over-cooperate with authorities on too many things. They can provide timestamps of all logins & postings, deleted messages, background of user accounts, contacts, visits to which other accounts etc. For those who like to use nicknames and put down their origin as Timbuktoo or Taihiti, the original IP addresses will show that these accounts were setup in Singapore, and from the timestamps & IP addresses & full cooperation of all local telcos, it’s a no brainer to find out who.

  2. He must be under huge pressure to apologise…. . “I let LKY school down”. Ouch.

    after this incident, I think we will see less commentary from him. How is he going to face his students now? and I will not be surprised that he will leave LKY school after this incident.

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