UK education versus East Asian cont’d

In China on 14/05/2017 at 6:54 am

We kept getting told that we got to adopt the Finnish education system by progressives. Here’s why we can’t suka suka import practices from other societies. When a UK school tried Chinese methods using PRC teachers

[A]s early as the second day reports were coming in that the pupils were behaving badly – disengaged with the lessons, chatting and not listening to their teachers.

Chinese teaching methods were on a collision course with teenage British culture and values. Our pupils are used to being able to ask questions of the teacher – they expect their views to be considered with respect.

Furthermore, British pupils expect to have variety in their learning. They are not used to being incarcerated in a large group and in the same classroom studying a very narrow curriculum.

But after some tweaks and

Perhaps as a result of the amount of time spent together, teacher-pupil relationships got better and some pupils began to express a preference for the Chinese style.

They liked having to copy “stuff” from the board as they thought this would help them remember it. Some more able pupils also liked the lecture style of the Chinese classroom.

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