One Belt One Road: S’pore aping the West?

In China, Infrastructure on 15/05/2017 at 2:27 pm

Is S’pore the West’s running dog on the issue of One Belt One Rd?

Let me explain.

Delegates from more than 100 countries, including Putin and 27 heads of state, attended Xi’s recent summit on One Belt One Rd.

Mr Najib’s long-scheduled trip to Beijing next week, following President Xi’s personal invitation to his One Belt One Road summit …

(FT last week)

Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia sent their leaders. Thailand may not have been invited. Why, I don’t know.

But Lawrence Wong represented S’pore. So our PM not invited isit? Why lidatt China?

Or, as is more likely, he was invited, but like many ang moh leaders, declined theinvitations to attend? Why liddat then PM? FT reports “that the largest economies in Asia and the west sent lower-level representatives.”

PM and PAP administration another bunch of amg moh tua kee wankers isit?

Looks like in S’pore, PAP and anti-PAP got plenty of ang moh tua kees. Aping the West is the in-thing among the PAPpists and anti-PAPpists.

And yet S’pore keeps saying it wants S’pore and S’porean to participate in the One Belt One Rd projects. Think China that stupid isit?

  1. Those other countries sending lower level reps probably regard OBOR not having pass the smell test. Economic intent is the what the Middle Kingdom is brandishing, strategic intent unstated but understood by all. Export of China’s own massive internal imbalances – well the Middle Kingdom is of course not saying but that doesn’t mean those who have their radar switched on, can ignore the blip on the screen. As for LHL, he is aping the West even though he may not know why.

  2. Singapore not part of the main countries in OBOR. Therefore invitation not to country leader those not in OBOR main list. Lawrence invitation is more like an öbserver” in an AGM. So if LHL goes but just as an observer, no face lah.

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