M Ravi kanna “brainwashed” by ang mohs?

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Ravi and our other ang moh tua kee lawyers kanna brainwashed by ang mohs like this?

China human rights lawyer Xie Yang ‘admits being brainwashed’

Lawyers Like M (No, doesn’t stand for Mad) Ravi, Jeannette Chong and Teo Soh Lung  like this meh given their anti-PAP credentials and views on the rule of law? The first two got their law degrees in the UK.

A Chinese court says a prominent human rights lawyer, Xie Yang, has admitted being “brainwashed” overseas at his trial for inciting subversion.

It released transcripts in which he says he was trained in Hong Kong and South Korea to “develop Western constitutionalism in China”.

And while Mad Dog Chee, s/o JBJ and Kirsten Han are not lawyers, they do come across as having been brainwashed when they studied overseas what with their stance on human rights which 70% of the voters have no interest in. But to be fair to them, the cybernuts of TRELand also believe in these anti-PAP ideas even though they were educated in local (cha tor) neighbourhood schools.



M Ravi posted on FB a few weeks ago

Just spoke with the Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania ( LINK )  which will be challenging the mandatory death penalty regime in the country. I’m honoured to be invited to be part of the legal team and to be working with the team led by lawyer Fulgence Massawe.

The Attorney General will be mounting a preliminary objection to the challenge to be heard next Monday. If we clear this preliminary objection, the matter will proceed to main hearing within 3 months and I will be attending the hearing to assist.

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of mounting the challenge against the mandatory death penalty here in Singapore.


The Chinese lawyer is now repenting:

“My actions go against my role as a lawyer,” he said in the video released by the Changsha Intermediate People’s Court.

“I want to take this opportunity to express to other rights lawyers my view now that we should give up using contact with foreign media and independent media to hype sensitive news events, attack judicial institutions and smear the image of the nation’s party organs while handling cases.”

Time for local apers to repent too? And worship the 9th Immortal by kow towing and burning incense.

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