Trump snubbing S’pore too?

In Uncategorized on 20/05/2017 at 1:11 pm

Troubles never come singly for PM. After China showed what it tot of Harry’s son and S’pore by not inviting him to a big Beijing party

So why no invite our PM to big do? 😈 When I was a kid if u didn’t invite someone who said he was a close buddy to yr party, it was a strong signal. 🤣

(My FB avatar’s response to ass licking by a member of the PAP IB)

we are getting unwanted deputy national security person as US ambassador

It was also announced that the former Fox News pundit KT McFarland would leave her position as deputy national security adviser to be ambassador to Singapore. McFarland, who joined the White House with Flynn, had reportedly been at loggerheads with the national security adviser, HR McMaster.


As troubles come in threes (as the saying goes), what next? Price of UBS goes threu roof, after GIC sold?

  1. Unwanted by Trump or McMaster??

  2. This is just making a mountain out of a mole-hill, the post of ambassafor to singapore is nothing more than a sinecure given our friendly status to the united states and the huge size of their embassy here.

    Anyway if the singapore govermetn wanted to suck up to trump, they should probably heavily pressure one of the large hotels here like the pan pacific to partner with trump and rename themseleves the trump tower. That way trump won’t dare make any hostile moves against singapore

    • Juz whacking PAP. Cannot isit? Btw u real expat kid? Asking as if u real expat kid I want to propose something to the publisher of Why Do Indians/ Chinese/ Malays ? involving u.

      The email address works?

      • The email address works and i’m an indian PR and go to UWC so i’m sort of an expat

      • Some us have been joking with publisher that he should do a series on “New S’poreans”. He’s doing one on Filipinos and I’ll alert him that there’s an expat Indian kid that he could try out for “New Indians”.

        If he tries u out, don’t expect money upfront. It’ll be royalties only and they are peanuts.

        Assume yr parents both from outside S’pore. If one is from S’pore, u not expat kid. LOL.

      • both my parent’s were born outside singapore and only immigrated when they were adults but my dad’s a citizen, the rest of us are PR’s

  3. if this male indian “pr” does not serve the local 2-year ns after his studies at uwc, the local immigration dept should then cancel his local pr status and deport him back to india.

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