LGBTs, don’t KPKB so much about Pink Dot

In Uncategorized on 26/05/2017 at 3:17 pm

In Indonesia, save in Acheh, gay sex is not prohibited yet 141 men at a gay sauna were arrested in the capital, Jakarta, and similar arrests in the city of Surabaya were made, shrinking the space for Indonesian’s LGBT community.

Here u only cannot get foreign money for Pink Dot and your foreign anal buddies cannot join u at Pink Dot, a once a year LGBT picxk-up event.

Otherwise s377A criminalising yr anal activities is ignored.

Vote PAP.

And don’t ever vote SDP. While the party is supposedly gay friendly: at election time, it regularly fields hard line Muslims who openly attack LGBTs. One of them was even SDP chairman. The PAP doesn’t do such things. But then SDP is led by Mad Dog Chee.

  1. SDP is a party of opportunists. Disappointed. thought that they were a party that can displace WP

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