What Mad Dog Chee doesn’t say about S’pore’s major OBOR project

In China, Logistics, Shipping on 28/05/2017 at 4:51 am

(Yup it’s pak Mad Dog time: fourth Mad Dog piece in a row.)

Mad Dog and other anti-PAP nuts don’t tell us (Because they don’t know? Or they like PAP, like to “hide” inconvenient facts?) that there’s a 2016 Chinese agreeement to invest in three new megaberths here which will ensure S’pore maintains its position as a major port along One Belt One Road and global maritime routes.

Hong Kong-based COSCO Pacific and PSA Singapore have signed a new investment agreement in Shanghai, China today to co-invest in three new mega berths at the Phases 3 and 4 expansion of the Pasir Panjang Terminal which was opened last year.

The investment will be implemented through a joint venture Cosco-PSA Terminal (CPT) and allow for the arrival of mega container ships at the new container berths in anticipation of trade growth and growth in size of boxships plying the international waters.

The new mega berths are slated to begin operations from 2017. According to PSA, they will be fully integrated with PSA’s infrastructure and supported by the automated and intelligent port technologies.

The co-investment agreement is strategically important to both partners and will help them up their competitive game. It is also a clear demonstration of China COSCO Shipping’s confidence in Singapore as a well-connected transhipment hub. I believe the project will also contribute positively to China’s Maritime Silk Road initiative and “One Belt, One Road” vision,” said Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Josephine Te0.


Not inviting S’pore to Xi’s big OBOR summit shows up the PAP claim that S’pore’s an old and valued friend of China, but the Cosco deal shows that the Chinese will do business that is mutually benefical, not juz when the other side licks China’s ass.
Got that Mad Dog and other anti-S’pore loonies? Mad Dog and other anti-S’porean S’poreans want S’pore to lick China’s ass to get OBOR biz. S’pore already licks US’s ass, but let’s not make ass licking a habit. It’s unhygenic.

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