Pink Dot: With friend like this Pink Dot doesn’t need enemies

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Read what Brendan Chong posted on FB. Is he “inciting violence” Or at the very least encouraging people to break the law?

No he’s not a Christian or Muslim whacko but someone who says he’s a progressive (i.e, LGBT friendly). He is alleged to be a member of the SDP.

Brendan Chong

Regarding Pink Dot SG: We cannot take this infringement lying down. This is going too far in our already tightly restricted environment for freedom of expression. This new measure as a result of a new law is totally undeserved, unjustified and an unprovoked measure towards the LGBT community. Past Pinkdots have proceeded smoothly without any law and order issue. I think we should respond by setting up picnics outside of the Speaker’s Corner boundaries to welcome those who want to keep our allies and LGBT friends company without an IC. (foreigner’s included) It may be illegal, but hey we must hold our ground and not compromise. Im sure many of us do not wish to take the law in our own hands, but times like this makes it absolutely necessary. If the police arrest us, the world will see us for what Singapore is. Xenophobia, coming from the govt the very first time. It would look bad on us in BBC, Reuters and CNN. Nevermind that Singapore welcome foreigners to work here only.

(Emphasis mine)

He was taken to task for his comments about breaking the law, and after behaving like a Yaya Papaya (he said he expected someone to report his post to the police) he backtracked
What’s wrong with gathering outside the venue to watch the concert if we cant get in? The law breaking part is only an inadvertant side effect. The main purpose is to catch the show or a glimpse of it. Do it by all means necessary.
Mad Dog Chee must be proud of him.
  1. PAP mole or saboteur extraordinaire. Hahahaha

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