SDP activist trying hard to fix Pink Dot organisers

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Further to this, Brendan Chong (he says he admires Mad Dog Chee and I’ve seen evidence that he’s a SDP member and activist), has another suggestion to cause trouble at Pink Dot.

Much easier than my previous suggestion. Just make sure you look like that person (or at least bear some resemblance)

Brendan Chong

I have a better idea for Pink Dot SG. Borrow someone else’s IC to gain entry. Afterall, organisers are not law enforcement, so showing another person’s IC is not an offence.

When it was pointed out that unauthorised use of NRIC is illegal. In the case of PD, he argued that no particulars are recorded, so OK to break the law because got no evidence. Err what if police now ask organisers to record everyone’s details?

An administrator of the group he belonged to responded

I think PD would benefit more if Brendan stays away (or is kept away for that matter) from further shenanigans related to breaching laws to “help” PD.

To help the Pink Dot organisers, there’s a photo of the SDP activist above. I don’t want trouble at Pink Dot because I have a friend (straight and married) who will be speaking there.

Whatever, his behaviour is evidence that the SDP is a double-headed snake when it comes to gays. I pointed out here that

While the party is supposedly gay friendly: at election time, it regularly fields hard line Muslims who openly attack LGBTs. One of them was even SDP chairman. The PAP doesn’t do such things. But then SDP is led by Mad Dog Chee.

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