Marking yr vote to express yr happiness or unhappiness

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This might give u ideas

Can I put a smiley face instead?

The Electoral Commission says the best way to make sure your vote is counted is to mark an X in a box. But a smiley face or anything which is interpreted by a returning officer as an expression of preference “must not be rejected if the voter’s intention is clear”, its guidance to Returning Officers says.

In S’pore 

Mark your choice on your ballot paper clearly by marking a ‘X’ on the ballot paper.

But based on what I know of the counting process (Read this, u can mark yr vote with a smiley face.

Here’s shumething to think about. If you like the party u are voting for use ). If u dislike the party u feel u must vote for use (.

Make yr feelings known even if no-one cares.



  1. what’s the latest on alex au wai pang ?

  2. From incidents in the last 2 GE, seems like any marking against a party means a vote for it. So even a 😦 against PAP may be taken as a valid vote.

    Unless you mark 2 or more boxes, in which case becomes spoilt vote.

    You can draw in a new party on your ballot card, say Trump or Mickey Mouse, and tick that instead. Boh liao I know, but maybe provide a second of comic relief for the vote counters.

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