SDP: Pls learn how to use social media from Labour

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I hope someone forwards this to the SDP leadership

How Labour used social media to overturn expectactions of a rout. (As usual UK MSM was anti-Labour)

Over the course of the campaign, BBC Trending gained an insight into the minds of some of the most passionate voters by delving into filter bubbles – tight online communities created by algorithms and the way we all use social media.

One of the strongest and most active filter bubbles was the one filled with “Corbynistas”. There are hundreds of pages and groups devoted to the Labour leader. They have names like “We support Jeremy Corbyn“, a Facebook group that has more than 55,000 members, more than 15,000 of which were added in the last few weeks.


BBC Trending spoke to Caroline Tipler, who founded the group “Jeremy Corbyn leads us to 2017 victory“, which has more than 11,000 members (and in the wake of the snap election surprise announcement was swiftly renamed from “Jeremy Corbyn leads us to 2020 victory”).

Tipler said she established the group to allow Corbyn supporters to connect with each other, to provide information on Corbyn’s policies and to counter what she calls the “appalling, destructive” actions of “plotters” who want to remove Corbyn as Labour leader.

Tipler feels that Corbyn has reinvigorated politics, and denies the main criticism of these groups – that they have turned into self-perpetuating echo chambers.

“Members seek to share values and to have their values of honesty and decency reinforced and placed into political life,” she says. “Debate and a broad church approach is encouraged. No one is ‘right’ or ‘more right’, we are all learning.”

Another main theme of the groups is that Corbyn’s political allies must be defended against attacks. Following interviews from Diane Abbott, during which she made some widely covered mathematical slip-ups, one Jeremy Corbyn fan defended the shadow Home Secretary with heavy sarcasm: “Shock, horror! Diane Abbott doesn’t have a chip in her brain relaying the live election results, which are actually coming in WHILST she’s being interviewed!”

In these groups, many of the articles posted originate from a crop of pro-Corbyn political bloggers and writers, perhaps the biggest of which is a popular political blog called The Canary.

These blogs are media success stories in their own right. They often publish pieces that spread more widely than mainstream media reports and, in the case of The Canary, pay writers in part based on their click numbers. Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor of The Canary, is unsurprisingly a big supporter of the active pro-Corbyn Facebook wave.

“I love that the pro-Corbyn groups are out there,” she told BBC Trending. “They will be able to amplify Corbyn’s messages all the way up to the election.”

In the early weeks of the election campaign, The Canary has been one of the most popular news sources on Facebook, at times drawing in numbers comparable to the BBC and national newspapers to some of its stories.


There’s also a mischievous approach to news circulating in some of these groups. Here’s an example: in the wake of the local council elections on 6 May, several links were posted to an Independent article from the 2016 local elections. The headline was: “Not that you’d know it, but the Tories lost far more seats in the election than Labour”. The article was 100% correct – but it referred to an election a year ago.

However, on many of the posts there was no acknowledgement of those inconvenient facts. That said, it was illustrated with a picture of the former Conservative leader David Cameron, which may have been a giveaway to those who looked carefully:


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