Peenoy presidente called for US help

In China on 11/06/2017 at 4:37 pm

How come he no call for help from China, Uncle Redbean?

US special forces are helping the Philippine military retake the southern city of Marawi from IS-linked militants, the Philippine army says.

The forces are providing technical help and are not fighting, it said.

President Rodrigo Duterte had earlier threatened to throw out US troops amid strained relations since taking office.

Reuters news agency earlier quoted the US embassy in Manila as verifying the presence of US forces. It would not go into operational details but said the US forces were helping at the request of the Philippine government.

Ah Loong right to see China no ak isit Uncle Redbean?


  1. Cheenas already told the peenois to do a “Tian An Men Square” on Marawi. Obviously the peenois trying not to take that route. News reports mentioned peenoi troops purposely avoiding bombing mosques in the city, even though they are obviously being used as sanctuaries & field HQs by the islamists & filled with human shields too.

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