LKY, PM not above the law: Dr Lee, LHY and cybernut friends

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That’s what these cocks don’t understand.

Here’s an extract from the “Observer” (new to me and sounds like TMG, pro-PAP but pretending to be neutral) that summarises the law well:

The family home on 38 Oxley Road is subjected to the Planning Act and the Preservation of Monuments Act, with the latter due to the fact that the building undeniably holds significant historical importance. The decision-making agencies are ultimately the National Heritage Board (NHB) and the Urban Redevelopment Board (URA). In this regard, even if LHL had wanted for the building to be demolished as he has asserted previously, the final decision lies in NHB and the URA. Under the Planning Act, building owners are required to seek the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) approval prior to carrying out works to demolish, redevelop or undertake additions and alterations to their properties. Under the Preservation of Monuments Act, the National Heritage Board (NHB), under the purveyance of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), can make a preservation order to place any monument under the protection of the Board.…/lee-family-not-get-decide-lkys…/

To this, I’d add that LKY was aware that he was not above the law: hence his wish that the house be demolished once Dr Lee get her ass out of the house. He knew that the govt could preserve his house despite his wishes.

I’m not saying that the PM behaved in a proper, respectful manner towards his siblings. The evidence on that is still coming out. And so far neither side has come out looking well. Score draw so far.

But it’s clear to me that PM’s siblings and their cybernut allies think that Harry, at the very least, is the 9th Immortal. And that his will must be done.

That is wrong. And disrespectful of Harry. 




  1. since 14 June morning, yahoo(sg), financial times(london), scmp(hk); especially, scmp(hk), have been cheering very loudly for you-know-who.

  2. Old Fart knew this was coming. That’s why he kept talking about demolition, both in his books, as well as in oral interviews (which has been video-recorded).

    As a pre-eminent lawyer (and who had 1st-hand input & review of many of S’pore’s laws), he knew the mess that could arise once he is no longer around to silence both sycophants & dissidents.

    Old Fart could have simply avoided all the mess by demolishing Oxley while he was still alive.

    Initially, Old Fart’s family was supposed to move to Cluny Hill. Renovations had been completed & even in his own words, was a much better & nicer home. And his wife had been very excited in moving into the new home.

    However, He mentioned that he had to stay on in Oxley because his wife became comatose, being cared for by rotating SGH medical teams round-the-clock in Oxley, which is nearer to SGH in case anything happens. Old Fart stated that Cluny Hill was “too far” from SGH (haaa!!! what about most sinkies who don’t even have their own car to drive 20min to the nearest hospital?!?!?!)

    So the question is once the wife up lorry, why didn’t Old Fart move to Cluny & demolish Oxley??? Even if he had no interest in re-development, he could simply leave it as a flat empty field. If he had done that, no one in govt would have raised any question or objection. No non-family member would have dared to. And even direct family members would have to think 10X before doing anything publicly that would essentially ex-communicate themselves. He would be merely exercising his right in the use & enjoyment of his own property as a private land owner.

    If Old Fart had done it, none of this mess would be occurring now.

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