TRE commenter gets it right about the younger Lees

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Dr Lee and her younger brudder are whiners
In reaction to Gilbert Goh’s piece

Just one ? pops into my mind .
WHY “persecuted” LEE SIBLINGS said NOTHING when JBJ,DR CHEE N even Humble Roy n Little-woman HHH got PERSECUTED?

Tell ya,no matter what,BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER N LEE AH LONG’s threats on LWL N LHY will not turn into the truly NASTY PERSECUTIONS faced by other citizens.

Well,thats my conviction.

Sad to see capable sgs only KPKB when their own skin gets slightly scratched.
The Lees are filthy rich,even LHY N LWL.

What is their PAIN like?
And yet,70 pct of sgs remains BOCHUP!

Gilbert Goh wrote

Ten questions that many Singaporeans will want answers to during the current spat among the Lee siblings

1. Who actually drafted the final will before the demise of LKY? Was LHY’s wife heavily involved when she is with Stanford Law as alluded by the PM or was it done by another team of lawyers as suggested by LHY. As this is a important material legal issue with regard to the demolition of the house, the lawyers involved in drafting the will must now say their piece. If not, it is just you say versus I say.

2. Why did the PM convened a secret ministerial committee which Singaporeans knew nothing of till now – is he trying to stop the demolition of the property as specified in the will? Is he attempting to subvert the will and take matters into his own hands as alluded by LHY by using state organs? Who are the ministers involved in this secret committee? What is their agenda?

3. Why did the PM not challenge the will when he suspects anything amiss and wait till a long while by appointing a secret ministerial committee to try and stop the demolition? Did Ho Ching really went to seize all relevant documents from the house as suggested by LWL in order to stop the demolition? If she did what LWL suggested then Ho Ching is really in contempt of power by being the PM’s wife and is clearly misusing her position. We all want to know if she has over-stepped her role as the PM’s wife.

4. Many Singaporeans will want to know how much is the property worth as by now it is no longer a private matter anymore. Some have speculated that the property with all its prime plot ratio must be worth at least 100 million. Its a public matter now as LHY and LWL have pointed out that the PM may have try to profit from the property by selling his share at market value to his brother.

5. Many will also want to know why LHY has to leave the country in order to escape from big brother. Is he really scared that he may be prevented from leaving the country and he has also mentioned that some of his friends were adversely affected by some of the government’s adverse tactics. He may want to be more specified here so people will know that its not just a sweeping statement. Was he being monitored by the ISD or followed around as alluded by some activists and opposition party candidates before?

6. How much exactly is LKY’s estate worth? Half a billion? A billion? The patriach has been the country’s PM for about 30 years and also his wife has been helming Lee & Lee for a long while. As a public statesman, its good that all his assets be made known to the public. For that matter, we all hope that in future all ministers must be made accountable for their assets so that we are assured of a clean and transparent government. There is no fear if all ministers own properties properly as they have earn their keeps from their million-dollar salary.

7. How can the three royal siblings sit down and manage the current mayhew amicably though it seems a impossible preposition now with so much bad blood spilled out. To resolve the situation, can the President come out of his ivory shell and try to manage the matter? Now its the time for Tony Tan to try and earn his millions by being useful for the country for once.

8. Many Singaporeans will also want to know the PM’s decision on the matter promptly as it has became a public issue now. Will he continue to challenge the legitimacy of the will or agree for the property to be demolished thus honouring the will of his father? We need an answer from the PM soon as any more delay will only prolong the agony for all involved.

9. At the centre of the fiasco is also the suggestion that there may be a third generation successor to the Lee empire and though the eldest son has refuted the idea directly on his latesr FB post, can the PM once and for all set the record straight by stating the fact outrightly so nobody will ever speculate on this again? Hopefully, in future, we may never see another PM’s son stepping into those controversial shoes again which smells gravely of nepotism. The Lee Dynasty has to stop after the retirement of LSL period.

10. If there is a slim chance of retaining the Oxley property as a heritage site, will LHY and LWL agree to it for national interest sake? The siblings have accused the PM of not demolishing the property so that he can benefit from the legacy of LKY but realistically he don’t need to do that as he is stepping down soon. Will there be that slim chance of a heritage site though we all know the ultimate wish of LKY? That I think is what will benefit Singapore more…

Gilbert Goh


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