Can understand why SD wanted from Hsien Yang

In Uncategorized on 18/06/2017 at 2:17 pm

Reading Lee Hsien Yang’s repeated “clarifications” on FB to his earlier FB “clarifications” (example on whether his wife’s law firm was used in the final will: he said “No” emphatically, but then went to explain what they did*), I can understand why the committee wants a statutory declaration and I can understand why he hasn’t given one.

The lawyer who did all the earlier wills has denied she prepared the last will.

The fact of the matter is that the last will was prepared by his wife’s firm. Yes it seems they used an earlier version of the will (Version 1 prepared by a Lee & Lee lawyer) but they still prepared the final will. I’d put it this way, if the will was found to be defective, the wife’s law firm would be one that could be sued. And they could not say, “We juz cut and paste. Not our fault leh.”

Yup this blog is sounding like a “Pak PM’s siblings” blog. Hey but let’s face it, they’ve got the cybernuts and anti-PAP activists cheering them on and astro-turfing for them. Someone’s got to point out the BS the siblings and allies are propagating. For some strange reason, the constructive, nation-building media is not. Time for PM to call in the ISD to investigate MSM subversives.

*An anti-PAP lady lawyer had to say that the wife was the solicitor-in-charge of the documentation i.e. the solicitor taking responsibility for the final will.


  1. That’s the reason why he has planned to leave sg.?

  2. No worries man!!! Both sides got agenda. So what?!?!? S’pore will still carry on as per normal … at least for the next 10 years. If you’re worried about S’pore exploding or imploding, use the next few years to move your assets overseas. While most of my monies are overseas, but still got a significant %%% of assets here.

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