Great riposte to Dr Lee quoting Niemoller

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Yes I’m trying real hard not to blog on the comic duo. But they keep on providing great comic material. Take the quote from Niemoller (see below) by Dr Lee. This got the following response on FB

Subramaniam Thirumeni
14 hrs · Singapore ·
Dear LWL & LHY,
In response to your attempt to quote Niemoller, here’s a list of people that either of you could have spoken up for. This is a list of persons detained by your father. I have disregarded the pre-1975 detainees. LWL would have been 20 in 1975 and LHY would have been 18. Both old enough to start asking questions. So, this is a list of detainees from that year onwards. Apart from these detainees you could have also spoken up for opposition figures who were hounded and bankrupted. Those persons are not listed here.

(Update: 11.53am, 19 June 2017 – As some of you have rightly pointed out in the comments, the siblings’ public split with their brother presents a small window of opportunity to set things right in the system. I acknowledge that. I wrote this initially as a response to LWL’s post because of the sheer irony. But, I appreciate the point, raised by some of you, that there is some possibility of brokering systemic change. Though the underlying quarrel between them is personal, the implications of the allegations have a national significance. Better late than never. If the siblings are ready to advance positive political progress, then we can welcome them.)

Chua Sen Lee 蔡胜利 Delivery Clerk 1975
Goh Beng Giap 吴明业 Shoemaker 1975
Ong Eng Hoch 王永福 + Grocer 1975
Pek Eng Kian 白荣坚 Construction Worker 1975
Pek Eng Koon 白荣根 Construction Worker 1975
Tey King Waa 郑金华 + Clerk 1975
Yeo Meng Teck 杨明德 + Trade Unionist 1975
Azmi Mahmud Asst. Editor Berita Harian 1976
Chai Chong 蔡聪 + Chairman, Chinese Language Sociaty 1976
Chua Ah Ba 蔡亚芭 + Ngee An Technical College 1976
Chua Ah Sing 蔡亚兴 + Sub Constractor 1976
Foo Chin Yen 胡振延 + President of S’pore Polytechnic Union Council 1976
Foo Weng Fatt 傅文发 + Chairman of S’pore Polytechnic Union Council 1976
Goh Lay Kuan (f) 吴丽娟 Principal of Practice Theatre School 1976
Hussein Jahidin Editor Berita Harian 1976
Kam Kiew 甘 吉 + Electrical and sanitary sub contractor 1976
Kong Sow Fai 孔绍发 + Peon 1976
Kuo Pao Kun 郭宝昆 Secretary to Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Founder of Practice 1976
Leow Wai Cheng( f ) (Rearrest ) 廖惠贞 Nurse 1976
Shamsuddin Tung Tao Chang (Rearrest) Businessman 1976
Lim Tiow Hui 林朝辉 + Asst. Financial Secretary 1976
Ng Ho 黄 和 + S’pore Polytechnic Student 1976
Ng Hoon Hwee 黄焕贵 + Social Secretary, S’pore Polytechnic Council 1976
Ng Yan Huay 黄炎辉 + Sales manager, Nantah graduate 1976
Ong Geok Huia 王玉辉 + Seamstress 1976
Pan Nan Hung 潘南汉 + Naval Engineer 1976
Poh Soo Kai (Rearrest) 傅树介 Doctor 1976
Teng Swee Tong 邓水东 + President of S’pore Polytechnic Students’ Union 1976
Wong Chee San 王志山 + S’pore Polytechnic Student 1976
Wong Sang Hwee 王尚贵 + S’pore Poly Graduate / S’pore Poly CLS, NSman 1976
Wong WoonToi 黄文涛 + Businessman 1976
Yeo Chai Cheng 杨财清 + Technical Officer 1976
Oh Teng Aik 胡定爱 Construction Superviser 1976
Tan Kwee Liang (f) 陈桂莲 Tuition Teacher 1976
A. Mahadeva (Rearrest) Property Manager 1977
Ang Swee Chai (f) 洪瑞才 + Doctor 1977
Arun Senkuttuvan Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Arun Senkuttuvan (Rearrest) Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Chan Ket Teck 陈可德 Accountant Coopers Brothers 1977
Chua Chap Jee Lecturer at Ngee Ann Technical College 1977
Chua Chian Kiat 蔡清吉 + SAF Reservist 1977
Foo Ah Lim 傅亚林 + 1977
G Raman (Gopalan Krishnan Raman) Lawyer 1977
Ho Kwon Ping 何光平 Ex Journalist of Far Eastern Economic Review 1977
Jeffrey Sng Working With Quakers International 1977
Koh Kay Yew 许赓猷 Singapore Airlines Manager 1977
Lee Yoke Seng 李玉成 + Malaysia Construction Worker 1977
Leong Mun Kwai 梁孟开 + Secretary General People’s Front 1977
Michael Fernandez (Rearrest) M.费南德 Insurance Executive 1977
Ngoh Teck Nam (Rearrest) Translator, Sin Chew Jit Poh 1977
Ong Bock Chuan 王木川 + Lawyer Company secretary of Goodwood Park 1977
Ong Kian Wee 王坚卫 + Electrician and Part Time Constable 1977
P. Govindasamy P.歌文达三美 Bookshop Owner 1977
Ramalingam Joethy Lawyer 1977
Tan Jing Quee ( Rearrest ) 陈仁贵 Lawyer 1977
Tan Bee Choo (f) 1977
Jacqui Foo (f) Economist 1977
Grace Poh (f) Matron 1977
Peter Kwok Economist 1977
Hoong Bee Teck Engineer 1977
Mok Kwong Yue Biologist, Computer engineer 1977
Tan Kok Wah 陈国华 + Construction Worker 1977
Yong Sek Yu Construction Worker 1977
Yeng Pway Ngon 英培安 Writer 1978
Peck Soo Tee 白书治 + 1979
Toh Siang Kee 杜祥齐 + 1979
Ronnie Ng Soon Hiang 黄顺贤 Polytechnic Student Union’s General-Secretary 1987
Abdul Gani Abdul Rahman Driver 1987
Chew Kheng Chuan 周庆全 Businessman 1987
Chia Boon Tai 谢文泰 Businessman 1987
Chng Suan Tze (f) 庄瑄芝 Lecturer 1987
Chung Lai Mei (f) 钟丽薇 Production Operator 1987
Fan Wan Peng (f) 范运冰 President of Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union 1987
Jenny Chin Lai Ching (f) 陈丽清 Journalist 1987
Kenneth Tsang Chi Seng 曾志成 Advertising Executive 1987
Kevin Desmond de Souza 凯尔文 德苏沙 Law Graduate, S’pore Poly Catholic Students’ Society Helper 1987
Low Yit Leng (f) 刘月玲 Project Manager 1987
Mah Lee Lin ( f ) 马丽玲 Polytechnic Graduate, S’pore Polytechnic Students’ Union Helper 1987
Maznan Awi Fire and Security Officer 1987
Mohamed Jumaat Ramad Vocational and Industry Training Board Student 1987
Mohamed Noor Kasmadi Police Constable 1987
Ng Bee Leng ( f ) 黄美玲 Social Worker, Geylang Catholic Centre 1987
Nur Effendi Sahid 诺埃芬德 Singapore Polytechnic Graduate and National Serviceman 1987
Tan Tee Seng 陈智成 Sales Executive 1987
Tang Fong Har ( f ) 陈凤霞 Lawyer 1987
Tang Lay Lee ( f ) 董丽莉 Law Graduate, Young Christian Workers’ Movement Staffer 1987
Tay Hong Seng 郑方生 Subtitling Editor 1987
Teo Soh Lung (f) 张素兰 Lawyer 1987
Teresa Lim Li Kok (f) 林丽国 Publisher 1987
Vincent Cheng Kim Chuan 钟金全 Church worker 1987
William Yap Hon Ngian 叶汉源 Subtitling Editor 1987
Wong Souk Yee (f) 黄淑仪 Senior Research Executive 1987
Francis Seow Tiang Siew 萧天寿 Lawyer 1988
Patrick Seong Kwok Kei 常国基 Lawyer 1988

Niemoller’s poem

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


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