LKY has changed his mind before

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An ex-ST reporter from the really old days (she was a strike participant when ST went on strike with the help of a PAP Labour minister ) posted on FB

Oxley Road.

Wonder whether Mr Lee changed his mind about having his life long home demolished after he’s gone and no child of his lives there any more?

I remember hearing many years ago from colleagues that Mr Lee wasn’t one for biographies, because the stories of those written about were “history passing through wishful minds”.

Yet not many years later, books about him were coming out steadily. Men in White, Hard Truths etc etc

So if he could change his mind about allowing his biography to b written, why not about razing Oxley Road home to the ground?

Just a thought.

  1. Seems the Old Fart was actually flip-flopping on the demolition of Oxley, if the multiple changes to his will are to be believed. Maybe at his advanced age, already kena some onset of dementia or meningitis … when he was 40 or younger, he would simply bark an order and expected it to be carried out yesterday or he’d string you up by your balls.

  2. Remember Alex Josey – “Lee Kuan Yew-the crucial years”, “Lee Kuan Yew-the critical years”. These were out in 71,72. Alex Josey was LKY former press secretary.
    LKY’s will is apparently not that “confidential”. All the major heirs knew some details of it. I think even Shanmugam knew some details of it.

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